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Why is my profit different than my bank balance?

The short answer is timing 🕰 

For the long answer get yourself a coffee ☕️ and sit down – this is hard to simplify into a short weekly email…

Cash in the bank, for all businesses (especially small), is what keeps you operating – it’s what you use to pay your employees, your suppliers, yourself… but… when it comes to your accounts it is only part of the story.

Typical differences are:
– Client invoices awaiting payment
– Assets like computer equipment
– VAT due
– Payroll/PAYE due
– Unpaid supplier invoices
– Previous year(s) profit/loss

Sometimes it’s hard to fathom when you become a business owner but when you have a limited company and you check the business bank account, not all of that money is yours! 😳

On top of what your online banking is telling you, there will always be money that is owed both from and to the business at any point in time.

We have a simple (free!) cashflow forecasting template you can ask us for, or if you need more support we offer our clients a piece of software called Fluidly that links seamlessly with most cloud accounting software.  With a large dollop of AI and a sprinkling of common sense intervention it can provide a fairly accurate view of what might (or might not!) be on the horizon.

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