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Rocket-boost your sales process out of lockdown

A Sales Process is a series of steps that are followed to take an initial enquiry through to onboarding a fully-paid up new client. 

If you streamline this process, you can reduce the time you waste on bad prospects AND increase the fee you charge for the clients you actually want. 

A successful sales process is one that converts the right types of clients for your business, every time. It’s one that you can repeat effortlessly on every enquiry… developing the following 11 resources and tailoring them to you will add rocket fuel to whole process.

10 essential resources that make a successful sales process

  1. Sales process flow chart – this should outline every step that is involved from enquiry to client onboarding. You can use this to analyse your existing process and make improvements, and also to manage sales leads through each stage. 
  2. New client onboarding flow chart – this maps out your new client onboarding process. Go through this process with your team and see what can be improved. Do new clients have everything they need when they come onboard? Do you have things in place to reduce manual tasks and minimise the likelihood of stuff getting missed?
  3. Pre-qualification script – this is a script that you or any team member can follow to pre-qualify leads. This streamlines your enquiries so you’re not wasting time on prospects who aren’t a good fit for you.
  4. Discovery meeting script – this script will guide you and your team members, telling you exactly what to do and say during that all important initial conversation. It doesn’t have to be robotic and without personality, more of a check point to make sure all the elements required will be discussed. Not only will this help you save time when preparing for these meetings, but it will also maximise your chances of converting your leads too. 
  5. Upsell more services to existing clients script – this script will help your team members upsell other services without fear and uncertainty. It should be used when they attend client meetings. 
  6. Potential new client pack – sending out a new client pack to a prospect before the discovery meeting will make a great first impression. Not only will it increase the perceived value of your services, but it will also give the prospect information that they will find valuable too.
  7. Email template – before the discovery meeting, you should confirm the details of the meeting with the prospect and what information you need from them. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for the prospect and to minimise frustrations.
  8. Prospect questionnaire – this is an initial fact-find about your prospect such as what motivates them, challenges them, and what are their pain points right now? This needs to be sent out as part of the potential new client pack and sent back to you before the discovery meeting. The answers here will help you to prepare for the meeting.
  9. Simple quoting tool – using a quoting tool is a great way of making sure your firm charges consistently, whoever is actually quoting, for the work it is doing for clients. This can be used live in the discovery meeting (that way, prospects are less likely to push back on price) and also as part of a client portfolio analysis exercise too.
  10. Proposal template – streamline the proposal step by creating an editable template. You can even start to fill in the proposal template during the discovery meeting with the prospect to ensure that you are both in complete agreement about what needs to be done and why. If you can create the proposal within the meeting, you are far more likely to get potential clients on board.

Speed up your sales process and win clients that you want

That really is it. 10 magic resources and you can create a sales process that helps you to effortlessly convert enquiries into clients (and in a lot less time). You just need to take some time to review your current process and refine it with these 10 essential elements.

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