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The following text is only applicable to those residing within the Liverpool & Merseyside City Region. If you reside outside of this area get in touch with your local Chambers of Commerce to see if this, or something similar, is available in your area. 

The Liverpool City region is now offering a new programme called “New Markets 2 ERDF : Growth Platform”. Offering a grant towards the cost of consultancy or agency fees to help with business growth. 

The New Markets grant is usable for consultancy and agency fees of a one time service such as the following : 

  • Financial Advice – Investment readiness, Business Planning (HINT,HINT)
  • Applied R&D
  • Legal Advice – Employment, Contracts, IP
  • Product/Service Development & Diversification
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Developing Quality Management Systems
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Interim Sales and Finance Management
  • Export Development

Exclusions from Growth Platform’s New Markets 2 ERDF grant:

  • Cannot fund statutory requirements
  • Cannot fund capital expenditure
  • Cannot fund training, but can fund coaching

The grant itself is worth 35% of the value of any of the above services, However this value is claimed back AFTER successfully completing the agreed programme of support and supplying evidence of its completion (invoices etc). 

If you are interested in any financial planning/forecasting for your business and would like some help towards the cost of this could be a good chance, get in touch and we will happily support you with the application.

If you would like to apply for the grant to support with any of the other non-finance/accountancy areas head over to the following link and scroll down to “Download Application Form” and fill it out.

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