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DIY Bookkeeping vs Accountant

Bookkeeping is one of those tasks for many that ends up being completed on late nights or weekends… sometimes it’s painfully dull, always it’s an absolute necessity!

If you always go for the last minute, DIY route, then you simply don’t have the time to find a better way. Or do you…

DIY Bookkeeping

Running a business is hard, you already have so much to do, yet there is this unwanted (never-ending) task lurking in the shadows.  It does mean you’re in full control, and on the surface, saving money but… you open the door to mistakes, such as:

  • Tiny errors that build up over time, leading to time consuming (and/or expensive) corrections
  • Missed deadlines, creating stress and even fines
  • Missing potential tax savings

Numbers are the lifeblood of any business and monitoring and understanding them can propel your business forward.  Some people take the DIY approach for this very reason but if the numbers are built on errors, you can’t get an accurate forecast of how you are actually doing, making it much harder to create a viable plan for the future of the business. 


At ABCounting we are Xero partners.  This software helps us to manage your bookkeeping, expenses, projects, payroll, invoicing and much more, our team can access your Xero data to reconcile and collate it in one, user-friendly space.  Wherever possible we integrate Xero with other tools in your business to make life easier and give you valuable information on your business allowing you to make more informed choices.  

The way it works is that you have your own Xero account that gets integrated into our systems and with regular monitoring allows us to:

  • Spot tax savings 
  • Meet deadlines
  • Avoid duplicate entries & other human errors
  • Save you hours of your weekend or evening time 

By opting for us to take the reins you get an accurate view of your business’s financial health, you can view your numbers in “real-time” which ultimately allows you to make better business decisions. Get in touch on this link

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